Update from the field – the sustainable use of socio-biodiversity in the Cerrado, Brazil

Carolina Siqueira was one of the three lucky KfW-Foundation Fellows 2019 who was granted funding to carry out her project in the Cerrado, Brazil and she just sent us an update from the field!

The Cerrado is the largest savanna region in South America and is the most biologically diverse savanna on Earth. The rich biodiversity of the Cerrado, however, is being destroyed at an unprecedented rate as land is cleared for agriculture, such as soy production and cattle ranching.

The aim of Carolina‘s project is to promote the development of sustainable businesses in the Cerrado. The non-destructive harvesting of fruit, nuts, and seeds for food, medicine, and cosmetics can provide local communities with an alternative, sustainable form of income to agriculture, whilst supporting the conservation of the unique Cerrado ecosystem (read about her project here).

Watch below to see how Carolina is getting on.