Conservation projects developed during the Spring School will come to reality

For six international KfW Foundation Spring School scholars from Brazil, DR Congo, Guyana, Indonesia, Tanzania and Zambia the end of Spring School was only the beginning. Already during the four weeks on conservation project management training those six were busy designing and structuring their own “dream project” on paper. Day by day the conservationists developed, reviewed and refined their project proposals until they were ready to be submitted to the KfW Foundation.

Two weeks after the Spring School, finally, the scholars presented their dream conservation project to the KfW Foundation Selection Panel. Representatives of the KfW Foundation, Goethe University, WWF, FZS as well as an external consultant put the project proposals to the acid test and drilled the scholars with questions.

All six of them did a great job and their passionate as well as professional presentations did not make the panel’s decision any easier.

Eventually, however, after hours of discussion, a decision was made. We are happy to announce that the following three proposals were selected to receive funding from the KfW Foundation and will be implemented by the Spring School scholars:

Regina-Domonko_projectLivelihood improvements in the wildlife corridor villages, Tanganyika District, Tanzania by Regina Domonko


Andhani-Widya-projectImprovement of monitoring and evaluation standards of reintroduced sumatran orangutan in the Bukit Tigapuluh Landscape, Indonesia by Andhani Hartanti


Carolina-Siqueira-projectSustainable use of socio-biodiversity in the Brazilian Savanna, Cerrado, Brazil by Carolina Siqueira



Congratulations to Regina, Andhani and Carolina and best of luck for the implementation of your projects!


We’re sure that the suitcases of all scholars and also all the other Spring School participants are full of newly acquired know-how and skills for the management of nature conservation projects.

We wish all participants the very best for their future!

P.S.: The photo in the top images shows the six KfW Foundation scholars together with the members of this year’s Selection Committee (from left to right: Bernd Siegfried, Regina Domonko, Hervé Kimoni, Issah Mulilo, Andhani Hartanti, Dr. Tobias Garstecki, Dr. Christof Schenck, Christine Mentzel, Joachim Gottschalk, Pia Puljanic, Dr. Thomas Müller, Timothy Babb and Carolina Siqueira). © KfW Foundation/Ruben Armbruster