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Conservation projects developed during the Spring School will come to reality

For six international KfW Foundation Spring School scholars from Brazil, DR Congo, Guyana, Indonesia, Tanzania and Zambia the end of Spring School was only the beginning. Already during the four weeks on conservation project management training those six were busy designing and structuring their own “dream project” on paper. Day by day the conservationists developed, […]

In which scholar project would you like to work?

Today, this year’s KfW Foundation scholars pitch their project proposals. Good luck to all of them. A lot of hard work went into the project proposals before, during and after the four weeks of Spring School. While we await the decision on this year’s winners, you can test yourself: Which of the projects matches your […]

Frankfurt Spring School – A spring of inspiration

Time flies – it seems like we only met yesterday, but the four weeks are over and Friday was already the last day of the Frankfurt Spring School. What a journey it has been! Although it was intense and packed with learning new things about conservation project management, we had a lot of fun together […]

Speed dating conservation experts

How to create the most intense network situation imaginable? Take a team of conservation veterans, unleash 30 students on them and make sure to limit their time for small-talks. Vóilà, you’ll end up with an event we call “Conservation Speed Dating”. How does it work? Actually quite similar to the romantic approach. Here is our […]

Learning things not taught at university

The Frankfurt Spring School attracts students and young conservationists with different backgrounds from all over the world. When applying for a course entitled “Conservation Project Management”, of course most of us expect to learn about project management. But the expectations go far beyond that: networking, tools and methods for conservation management, financial management and fundraising […]

The Finish Line

As quick as a flash, it’s over. Four weeks of Frankfurt Spring School 2018 have come to an end. It’s been a busy time enriched with so many different topics, people and experiences. Now it’s time for our students to part ways, taking their newfound skills with them to develop and execute conservation projects in […]

Our Facilitators – Money Maestros

Let’s face it, for many, the word “finance” sends shivers down spines.  It’s seen purely as an obstacle that has to be surpassed, a chore of sometimes unimaginable difficulty that prevents the crucial conservation efforts from completion… But of course, if you have no money, you have no project. It can be argued that knowing […]

The Halfway Point

With time flying by we’ve already completed half of the Frankfurt Spring School 2018 programme. Lets take a look back on what we’ve been up to in week 2. We began the week with a conclusion to our planning programme. Katjuscha Dörfel and Katharina Schmidt, professionals from WWF Germany, gave us a crash course on […]