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“Spring School is like a family”

It is T-4: Frankfurt Spring School on Conservation Project management will start on Monday! The first of the 30 participants have already arrived. While taking a first glance at the Frankfurt skyline, FZS-Trainee Christina Götz asked Andhani Hartanti from Indonesia and Issah Mulilo from Zambia about their motivation to participate at Frankfurt Spring School and […]

The Finish Line

As quick as a flash, it’s over. Four weeks of Frankfurt Spring School 2018 have come to an end. It’s been a busy time enriched with so many different topics, people and experiences. Now it’s time for our students to part ways, taking their newfound skills with them to develop and execute conservation projects in […]

Our Facilitators – Money Maestros

Let’s face it, for many, the word “finance” sends shivers down spines.  It’s seen purely as an obstacle that has to be surpassed, a chore of sometimes unimaginable difficulty that prevents the crucial conservation efforts from completion… But of course, if you have no money, you have no project. It can be argued that knowing […]

The Halfway Point

With time flying by we’ve already completed half of the Frankfurt Spring School 2018 programme. Lets take a look back on what we’ve been up to in week 2. We began the week with a conclusion to our planning programme. Katjuscha Dörfel and Katharina Schmidt, professionals from WWF Germany, gave us a crash course on […]

Academia & Conservation – Bridging the Gap

A whole day of our Frankfurt Spring School programme is dedicated to a series of lectures from internationally renowned Professors of Biological Sciences at Goethe University, Frankfurt. Many of our Frankfurt Spring School students are very familiar with the processes of science, but this experience provides some time to reflect on the connections between active […]

Ambition From Around the World – Our KfW Foundation Scholars

Amongst our 30 Frankfurt Spring School students are six KfW Foundation scholars, early career conservationists from key project areas scattered across the globe. They’ve each travelled to Frankfurt carrying the dream of an ambitious conservation project for an area dear to their hearts. For some these plans will become a reality after Frankfurt Spring School […]

Stories From Our Students 2018 – Week 1

With the first week of the 2018 Frankfurt Spring School on Conservation Project Management already behind us, we talked to two of our students, Claudia Hermes and Zsófia Puskás, to hear about why our students are here and what they’ve learnt so far. What is your background prior to arriving at Spring School 2018? Claudia: […]

Our Facilitators: The Masters of Planning

With a combined half century of experience in conservation project management, planning and financing, Martin Davies and Nick Folkard are very much at home amongst the prestigious roster of our Spring School facilitators. In his 37 years at the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, Martin became an expert in project planning and finance […]

Thoughts from the 2017 Spring School

2017 saw the great success of the first ever Frankfurt Spring School on Conservation Project Management. 24 students and young researchers from various European nations, as well as six international KfW Foundation scholarship holders from Guyana, Indonesia, Nepal, Peru and Zimbabwe participated in the month-long event. A few of our students gave us their thoughts […]

What’s Happening this year? An intro to 2018

This weekend, 24 aspiring conservationists from around the globe will arrive for the 2018 Frankfurt Spring School on Conservation Project Management, a month-long series of talks, seminars, interactive group sessions and expeditions regarding the skills and knowledge required to succeed in the world of conservation. Experts from world-leading conservation, biological and financial institutions and organisations […]