“Spring School is like a family”

Andhani Hartanti (Indonesia) and Issah Mulilo (Zambia) enjoying the skyline. (Photo: Christina Götz)

It is T-4: Frankfurt Spring School on Conservation Project management will start on Monday! The first of the 30 participants have already arrived. While taking a first glance at the Frankfurt skyline, FZS-Trainee Christina Götz asked Andhani Hartanti from Indonesia and Issah Mulilo from Zambia about their motivation to participate at Frankfurt Spring School and what they are looking forward to.

Christina: I’m happy to have you with us already. Please give our readers a brief introduction of yourself.

Andhani: “I’m working for Frankfurt Zoological Society (FZS) in Sumatra as a veterinarian to save orangutans and their habitats. I’m working for FZS since 2015.”

Issah: “I am a project coordinator in North Luangwa National Park in Zambia. My project is assessing the impact of the increasing elephant population in the rhino sanctuary of North Luangwa National Park. Our project aims to ensure that since elephants increase, we need to understand what impact that might have on the available browse of black rhino in North Luangwa National park. And also for other species in the same area. I joined the FZS team in 2016 and by then I was working as a finance and administration assistant.

cofAndhani Hartanti (Indonesia) and Issah Mulilo (Zambia) at the headquarter of Frankfurt Zoological Society. (Photo: Christina Götz)

Andhani Hartanti (Indonesia) and Issah Mulilo (Zambia) at the headquarter of Frankfurt Zoological Society. (Photo: Christina Götz)

What is your motivation to participate in the Spring School?

Andhani: “My motivation to participate in Frankfurt Spring School is to learn more about conservation project management and all the steps of project planning. It is the first time for me to be in Frankfurt and I think it will change my life!”

Issah: “I want to acquire more knowledge and skills. It is an opportunity for me to ensure that I get that knowledge and am able to put it into practice when I go back to Zambia.”

What is the first thing that comes to your mind, when thinking of the Spring School?

Andhani: “I think for me Spring School is like a family. We work for conservation, we have the same background and now we are in one place: like a family.”

Issah: “We are here for the same goals and to assure that conservation is done effectively. And we also need to be proactive and openminded.”

Thank you very much for your time. Now enjoy sunny Frankfurt and have a great time here at the Spring School.


Andhani is also featured in the FZS Image video. Check it out below.